Clutch - Book Of Bad Decisions [2 LP Vinyl]

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Artist Clutch
Format Vinyl
Catalog WM067
Manufacturer Weathermaker Music
Released 09/07/18
Genre Rock
Nearly 30 years into their careers, Clutch sound like they're just settling into their prime on their 12th set, Book of Bad Decisions. Balancing the full-throttled rush of 2013's Earth Rocker and 2015's epic Psychic Warfare, Book of Bad Decisions delivers a fiery, chest-thumping experience packed with Southern-fried rock strut. Producer Vance Powell (Jack White, Chris Stapleton) introduces some new tricks to the Clutch attack, introducing a honky tonk barroom piano that propels the rollicking "Vision Quest" and a brass section that buffers "In Walks Barbarella," a wildly charismatic entry that dials the funk past 11. This is classic Clutch and yet it feels refreshed and alive. Titled after the various chapters from the band's past -- like disastrous early gigs ("Gimme the Keys") or the first time frontman Neil Fallon heard Black Sabbath ("A Good Fire") -- Book of Bad Decisions honors their legacy without getting bogged down in the stoner-sludge of their early days. Even the cowbell retread of "Weird Times" and the bloated midsection serve a purpose, providing reliable new jams for the longtime fans skeptical about horns and piano tinkling on a Clutch record. Elsewhere, potential live staples and fan favorites abound. "Spirit of '76" doubles down on the Sabbath and Zeppelin influences. "Paper & Strife" chugs along the rhythm and groove provided by Tim Sult, Dan Maines, and Jean-Paul Gaster, who sound so tight they make this seem effortless. Clutch haven't sounded this unburdened or spirited in years -- the politically satirical "How to Shake Hands" and literal crab cake recipe "Hot Bottom Feeder" are both hilarious and deviously catchy -- ensuring that these road dogs have plenty of energy left in them. Book of Bad Decisions is an excellent late-era entry into the band's vast catalog, a natural product of their enduring chemistry and dedication to their legion of fans. ~ Neil Z. Yeung