David Bowie - The Lost Sessions Vol 2 [Limited Edition Vinyl]

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Artist David Bowie
Format Vinyl
Catalog PARA381LP
Manufacturer PARACHUTE
Released 05/22/2020

OVERVIEW DELUXE DOUBLE VINYL EDITION!!! David Bowie - The Lost Sessions Vol. 2 While David Bowie’s early career was somewhat fragmented, a little disjointed and often sporadic, he was rarely off the wireless. And the sessions he recorded for radio across this period, makes for a fascinating body of work. This collection features FM sessions across two instalments, previously unreleased on vinyl and in near perfect quality. Including cuts originally recorded for shows such as Top Gear, Sounds Of The Seventies, The Sunday Show and a number of other programmes, this set will delight Bowie fans as it completes the availability of material originally intended to be heard only via the airwaves.


1. Tired Of My Life

2. All The Madmen

3. Queen Bitch


4. The Superman

5. Song For Bob Dylan

6. Andy Warhol


7. Kooks

8. Fill Your Heart

9. Amsterdam

10. Andy Warhol


11. Lady Stardust

12. White Light White Heat

13. Starman