Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack [Vinyl]

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Artist Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack / Var
Format Vinyl
Catalog 283
Manufacturer Brookvale Records
Released 11/17/2017
Genre Soundtracks & Film Scores
Keeping with the theme of the film NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE and its relentless parodying of teen movies from the preceding two decades, the accompanying soundtrack ups the ante with '80s classics covered by '90s alt-rock acts. Depeche Mode and New Order fare best as Smashing Pumpkins ("Never Let Me Down Again") and Scott Weiland ("But Not Again") tackle DM while Orgy ("Blue Monday") and Stabbing Westward ("Bizarre Love Triangle") pump the decibels up for New Order. One-hit wonders also get the nod, whether it's Teutonic popster Nena (Goldfinger's ska-driven "99 Red Balloons"), Brits Modern English (Mest's staccato "I Melt With You") or Soft Cell (Marilyn Manson's eerie "Tainted Love").Elsewhere, Saliva interprets The Pretenders ("Message Of Love"), Good Charlotte puts a punk-pop spin on OMD ("If You Leave") and Muse pays homage to the Smiths ("Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want"). The quintessential nod to teen pop culture comes via Phantom Planet (featuring RUSHMORE's Jason Schwartzman) serving up a harmony-drenched version of Jackson Browne's "Somebody's Baby" (originally recorded for the Fast Times At Ridgemont High soundtrack).