Paul McCartney - Amoeba Gig [2 LP Clear/Amber Vinyl]

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Artist or Group Paul McCartney
Format Vinyl
Catalog 7728975
Released 07/12/2019
Manufacturer Capitol
    1. Drive My Car (Side A)
    2. Only Mama Knows (Side A)
    3. Dance Tonight (Side A)
    4. C Moon (Side A)
    5. The Long And Winding Road (Side A)
    6. I'll Follow The Sun (Side A)
    7. Calico Skies (Side B)
    8. That Was Me (Side B)
    9. Blackbird (Side B)
    10. Here Today (Side B)
    11. Back In The USSR (Side B)
    12. Nod Your Head (Side B)
    13. House Of Wax (Side A)
    14. I've Got A Feeling (Side A)
    15. Matchbox (Side A)
    16. Get Back (Side A)
    17. Baby Face (Side B)
    18. Hey Jude (Side B)
    19. Let It Be (Side B)
    20. Lady Madonna (Side B)
    21. I Saw Her Standing There (Side B)
    22. Coming Up [Soundcheck] (Side B)